La Boheme (3rd Production)

Well! We are never going to reach 101 operas if half of the ones we see are La Boheme.

My workmates were going so I went along to share the evening with them, but came in thinking, alright I know this story and it’s not going to be nearly as epic as La Boheme was at the Met or as romantic as in Italy, but was I ever wrong. The intimacy of the smaller theater and their amazing voices made this in some ways even more epic and more romantic. It was emotionally BIG.

The high wire drama of live theater!

During the intermission we browse the Rutgers art exhibit. Other than some vague impressions though the memories of these early operas are lost and it’s their loss that will inspire me in the future to keep a journal and eventually turn it into this blog.

Spoilers: Even though this is my 3rd La Boheme, it will not be my last.

So What’s La Boheme all about? It follows a group of artists trying to survive a winter in Paris. It opens with Marcello burning his own play for warmth and they all sustain themselves on the small pleasures of life. Rudolfo falls in love with Mimi and we follow the two’s relationship with their friends and each other through affection and jealousy.

Notes on the production


Composer……… Puccini

Mimi…………….…..Na Li Youm

Rodolfo………….…Sean Arnold

Marcello……………Steven LaBrie

Conductor………..Christofer Macatsoris

Academy of Vocal Arts