Joe Bliss (Art Teacher)

Interview: I wanted to interview myself first so potential interviews could see the format and get a sense of my personality. I genuingly have loved my experiences at the Opera and would like to hear about other peoples Opera experiences.

Why do you love opera? It’s ridiculous. Its excess and exaggeration depart so far from my day to day experience, that it is pure escapism. Yet at the same time, there is a duality. The outrageous characters, the overreactions, the convoluted plot-lines, the repeating tropes are balanced by the most sincere emotional expression of voice and instrument I have ever heard.There is nothing else like it. I hear my mother in those voices; and, I hear my own hurts and triumphs. After seeing 87 operas, do you have a favorite? The last opera I saw. That’s not really an answer. Well, I have my favorite funny ones (opera buffa) then my favorite dramatic ones (opera Serra) and how can you compare anything against the bigness of Wagner. I have memorable performances: like Valentine’s Day with my girlfriend seeing la fille deregiment and epic marathons like The Ring Cycle, not to What’s your favorite opera? If you insist on an answer. I do. La Boheme. It was my first opera, the characters are artists, and its three hours of Puccini melody. If technology reaches the point that we can clone Pavoratti should we? No. Art has to move forward and you can’t chase after what was – Let him exist as he is to inspire, but the future needs new voices and new ideas. What would be your ideal opera weekend? Fly me to Italy! It’s always haunted me that I missed going to La Scala when I was nearby. I would eat in a restaurant with table cloths under a robust meal that would pair with Cabernet Sauvignon. It will be late enough in the season that Milan has a warm breeze and will wear a white shirt with a dark sweater around my shoulders and tied in the front like the old Italian guys, and I would enjoy DaVinci’s “The Last Supper.” Do you think you will see 101 operas? I think so, i’m getting close. The number is arbitrary though. Really. The journey has been rewarding beyond measure. What will you do after you see 101 Operas? Take a nap.